Manual LBS RLseries 38kV, 630A, 16kA, 170KVp by Schneider Electric

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range of productRL series
product or component typeLoad break switch
Rated voltage (Ur)38 kV
Rated normal current (Ir)630 A
[Icm] rated short-circuit making capacity16 kA RMS voltage
40 kA peak
operating time< 2 s closing
< 2 s opening
mechanical durability10000 cycles
400 cycles full load
charging current25 A cable charging
10 A line charging
rated short-duration power frequency withstand voltage70 kV phase to earth
net weight41 kg control cubicle with control cable
128 kg CB with pole mount bracket
285 kg gross weight of crate
height755 mm
width1200 mm
depth1150 mm
environmental characteristicSolar radiation 1.1 kW/m²
ambient air temperature for operation-30…50 °C
relative humidity0…100 %
operating altitude3000 m
Packing Units
Package 1 Weight92.000 kg
Package 1 Height1.000 cm
Package 1 width1.000 cm
Package 1 Length



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